Yuya Fujimoto

Accepting the failure

December 17, 2020

“The greatest teacher, failure is.” -Master Yoda

Challenges come with failures. If you don’t make mistakes, you are not learning. There’s no need to feel discouraged when things didn’t go as planned.

It is right and cheerful. But still, failing and accepting them/learning from them are different things.

Failure has its spectrum — whether the failure itself was a good one that lets you learn why failed, what hypothesis you had before was wrong, why you thought it is right. There are a lot of things you can look back. You have the first-hand experience that helps you see things differently, a little more clearly than before.

It’s easier to move on without accepting failures. You can forget and start something new. But it doesn’t do anything. You might not make the same mistake, but you will make similar ones if you just moved on. If you accept and review carefully, there are many potential missteps you can avoid.

Failing alone isn’t anything. Some people keep making the same mistake without even realizing it. They are feared to face reality.

Accepting the fact you were wrong, rejecting the idea you have believed is the hard part. You have to be humble, resilient, and brave. You may or may not change the way you do things and might end up making the same decision anyway. But there’s a whole lot different view of what you do next.

“You have to unlearn what you have learned.” -Master Yoda

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