Yuya Fujimoto


November 16, 2020

Play the long game, they say. Being able to wait long is a competitive advantage.

People love instant gratifications. People seek an easy way to solve a problem.

But not all problems have a quick solution.

When there’s no such solution, most people quit. It’s not fun for them. It’s not worth for them to put the energy into solving the problem.

There’s something quite deep about the notion of using/time horizons as a competitive advantage, in that you’re simply willing to wait longer than other people and you have an organization that is thusly oriented. — Patrick Collison

Worldbuilders take the longest view in the room. They know that to build enduring advantages, they have to accumulate small, non-obvious advantages over time that compound into an unimpeachable competitive position by the time that everyone else catches up. — Not Boring

I’d choose to tackle these problems. It’s an unfair advantage for me to wait longer than the most.

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